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Welcome to My Website!
This is just a fun place for me to put my favorite pictures
and things to share with all my friends! Feel free to look around.....

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Nancy is in police custody!
See pictures of me as a gun-toting babe in my Citizen's Police Academy

At long last - my pictures from France and
Ireland! Take a look, they're beautiful!

My fabulous 40th Birthday Party!
(ok, maybe not 40...)

Makeover Nancy!
Always thought I'd look better as a blonde? Try it out - dress me up, make me look as silly as you can!

(Flash required)

My Advice for Life

* Try to have fun no matter what you are doing.

* If you have a problem, either do something about it or shut up about it. No one wants to hear you complain.

* No matter how pressed for time, there is always time to do one more thing.

* People who will never try new things are really annoying. Be flexible and adventurous.